Sturgeon lists seven key strengths of Scotland

The Deputy First Minister has outlined seven economic strengths in Scotland in response to the Economist magazine’s depiction of the country as “Skintland”.

Nicola Sturgeon identified the value of oil in the North Sea, the potential for renewable energy investment, food and drink exports, the success of Scottish universities, public finances and inward investment as the strengths of the Scottish economy.

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She said: “Whilst the Economist blundered into the economic debate, it is clear that Scotland has a strong economy – despite the global recession – and that we have huge potential for further growth and development.

“Scotland today has a highly skilled workforce, an acclaimed record of business investment, a large oil and gas asset base, huge natural resources, including our job-creating green energy industry and an excellent export record, especially in the food and drink sector.

“There is much to be done to make Scotland even better, but Scotland’s seven key strengths will remind every Scot that our nation is one we can be proud of now, and confident about for the future.”