Student accused of planning terror attack demands police apology

The case against medical student Yousif Badri collapsed. Picture: John Devlin
The case against medical student Yousif Badri collapsed. Picture: John Devlin

The first person in Scotland to be charged under three sections of the Terrorism Act 2000 is seeking compensation.

Medical student Yousif Badri was suspected of planning a serious act of violence in the aftermath of soldier Lee Rigby’s murder in 2013.

The 30-year-old is now pursuing a claim for compensation after the terror case against him collapsed. He has also has written to Police Scotland demanding an apology for the “devastating repercussions” of the probe.

Mr Badri was arrested nearly three years ago by terror police as he went to a supermarket for a sandwich.

Police found a large tub of nails at his flat - but no hammer - and concluded they could be an ingredient for a bomb.

He was cleared of any wrongdoing at a high-profile case at the High Court in Glasgow last October.

In a move dubbed “unusual” by legal sources, Judge Lord Turnbull told the jury he “wholeheartedly agreed” when they returned the not guilty verdicts.

Mr Badri was a newly qualified doctor at the time of his arrest in Aberdeen and had to postpone his work with NHS Grampian for three years.

Speaking about his ordeal for the first time, Mr Badri, the son of two doctors who moved from Halifax to Aberdeen to train at the city’s university, said: “The whole scenario has been devastating for everyone involved.

“The accusations have been very stigmatising, regardless of the court outcome.

“I still don’t know what triggered the arrest. I want answers.”

The investigation into Mr Badri saw him arrested in June 2013 – just a day after finishing his final medical exams at the University of Aberdeen.

He had just posted a criminal disclosure form that would have allowed him to work for the NHS when he was pulled up in Aberdeen city centre.

“I told my flat-mate I was nipping out for five minutes and ended up gone for five weeks,” he said. Looking back, the whole thing could be considered a dark comedy. They even seized the sandwich.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland confirmed the force has received a complaint. She said “as a result of ongoing inquiries, it would be inappropriate to comment further”.