SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford says MPs will vote on postponing Brexit

A bid to delay Brexit will be put to MPs and is attracting cross-party support in the House of Commons, the SNP's Westminster leader has said.

Ian Blackford says MPs will vote on delaying Brexit
Ian Blackford says MPs will vote on delaying Brexit

The EU "recognises" a plan to postpone the UK's departure from the EU is coming and could back it, according to Ian Blackford

MPs will vote on the UK Government's Brexit Deal on December 11, but it is widely expected to be rejected. Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer said today such a scenario would see his party instigate a confidence vote in the Prime Minister.

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Ministers admit second EU vote could happen if deal rejected

"Let's take the risks off the table," Mr Blackford told BBC Politics Scotland.

"Then we've got the opportunity to move ahead on what hopefully is a consensus that can be built on a position that we can all support.

"Our position in the SNP is very clear that Scotland voted to remain a part of the European Union and we would certainly be putting forward that argument."

"There's quite a number of days for Parliament to put down a motion to that effect and I believe that will be the case," he added.

"We've expressed for a considerable period of time that we want article 50 to be suspended."

He added: "There are members of Parliament across the chamber that have said to me they will support that proposition.

"If you're going to vote against Theresa May's deal, if you're going to vote to rule out a No Deal scenario, then it's common sense that you need to make sure there is time for a new proposal to be put forward in Parliament, it will have to go to the people of Scotland and the United Kingdom.

"That means that we have to support postponing 50.

"The European Union recognises there's a possibility of that coming and the European Union at least in the first case can agree to to a suspension of that."

HE went on: "We want to postpone article 50 and I want parliament to vote for that as a proposition.

Mr Blackford said he was supportive of Labour MP Hilary Benn's motion which rules out Mrs May's deal, but also rejects the prospect of No deal at all.

"I expect when the Commons opens for business again on Monday SNP MPs will put their name to that amendment and I am calling on all members of Parliament to consider backing that.

"That would rule out the risk of coming out of the European Union with no deal."