SNP schools record branded ‘shocking’

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The SNP Government has presided over a “sharp drop” in standards in Scotland’s education system, according to one of country’s teaching leaders.

Carole Ford, chair of the Scottish Secondary Mathematics Group, has hit out at the Nationalists’ “shocking” record in power.

“It is actually a pretty difficult trick to pull off, to have a uniformly negative impact on both primary and secondary education, and simultaneously reduce the numbers studying the most crucial subjects in the curriculum, but the SNP has managed it,” Ms Ford says in a letter to the Scotsman today.

The former President of School Leaders Scotland says ministers have “routinely ignored professional advice” and the evidence of ‘what works’ from other countries.

But Ms Sturgeon insisted yesterday that pupils in Scotland are enjoying “better outcomes” then ever, with nine out of ten school leavers getting work, training or a further education place.