SNP MSP urges Labour to agree to UK minimum pricing

AN SNP MSP has urged Labour to fall into line with other parties on the issue of minimum pricing, both in Scotland and at Westminster.

The call comes after Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson changed her position on the policy yesterday and gave her backing to the Scottish Government’s plans to bring in a minimum unit price for alcohol.

Ms Davidson’s U-turn came after Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said she would be “minded” to back a sunset clause in the legislation so it can be reviewed after five years to determine if it has been successful.

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Prime Minister David Cameron has indicated he is looking at introducing the measure south of the border, while the Liberal Democrats have already changed their position and now back the policy.

SNP MSP Jim Eadie has written to Labour leader Ed Miliband asking him to reconsider his party’s stance on the issue.

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He said: “No-one is pretending that minimum pricing will be a silver bullet, but it has a key role to play as part of a package of measures and politicians from right across the political spectrum are now recognising that. That is why consensus is growing.

“I sincerely hope Ed Miliband is able to see this and to join with the SNP and others in backing this sensible and progressive move which will help to save lives in Scotland and across the UK.”