SNP MP Christian Allard: Second indyref ‘inevitable’

Christian Allard. Picture: TSPL
Christian Allard. Picture: TSPL
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THE SNP MSP Christian Allard has declared that a second referendum is “inevitable” and is calling on party members to campaign for another independence vote.

Mr Allard’s view on a holding another poll is set out in a letter sent to fellow SNP members, which asks them to support him in his bid to stand for the Aberdeen South and North Kincardine seat at next year’s Scottish election.

I want to be the MSP to lead the independence movement in the area I konw very well, across the diverse communities of Aberdeen South and North Kincardine

Christian Allard

He wrote: “I am asking for your vote to be the 2016 SNP candidate for the constituency of Aberdeen South and North Kincardine.

“A second referendum on independence is inevitable. I want to be the MSP to lead the independence movement in the area I know very well.

“There is much work to be done to first address the challenges brought by the austerity agenda of this Westminster government, to highlight the fact that the vow promising home rule, devo max and near federalism has been broken and for us all to prepare for campaigning in a second independence referendum for Scotland.”

Mr Allard’s letter was highlighted by the Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson on Twitter. Ms Davidson posted the letter alongside literature produced by the SNP MSP Colin Keir, which also called for a second referendum.

Ms Davidson said: “After Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Salmond, the entire SNP front bench and even the Scottish Government’s white paper promising the referendum would be a once-in-a-generation event, we now see the true picture.

“MSP after MSP for the Nationalists promising that they’ll ignore the wishes of Scotland’s voters and re-run the referendum ASAP.”

An SNP spokesman said: “The timing of any future referendum is a matter for the people of Scotland to decide.”

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