SNP: David Mundell ‘as much use as Emu without Rod Hull’

David Mundell MP
David Mundell MP
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Scottish Secretary David Mundell is “about as much use as Emu without Rod Hull” following the Government’s £1 billion DUP deal, the SNP has said.

Pete Wishart ridiculed the Cabinet minister, claiming the Scotland Office is run by someone “without any shred of credibility”.

The SNP Commons leader reiterated his desire for an urgent debate on the agreement helping to prop up Theresa May’s minority government.

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Mr Mundell has been criticised after he initially said he would not support funding which “deliberately sought to subvert the Barnett rules”, something the SNP believes has occurred with the new money to Northern Ireland.

Mr Wishart told MPs: “You’d think the Government would be rushing to this House in order to debate this particular deal.

“And members must be able to scrutinise, to ask questions, to debate what’s going.

“It’s a deal that turns the normal funding arrangements of the nations of the United Kingdom totally on their head.

“Yet it’s unbelievable that a deal of such significance and importance could be passed through this House without any debate and scrutiny in this House.

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“We urgently need a debate about the role of the Scotland Office and all of this.

“This is now run by a Secretary of State without any shred of credibility, who has failed to stand up for vital Scottish interests, who says one thing about a funding arrangement and Barnett formula one day and is then contradicted the next.

“He is someone who is about as much use as Emu without Rod Hull.”