SNP claims Scotland will 'never consent' to Brexit as Boris Johnson sets out fresh plans

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The SNP has claimed Scotland will “never consent” to Brexit as the Prime Minister set out fresh proposals for the Irish border to MPs.

Westminster leader Ian Blackford called the plans to replace the controversial border backstop “unacceptable, unworkable, undeliverable and designed to fail”.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Boris Johnson told MPs he had made a "genuine attempt to bridge the chasm" with the EU, and that his proposals were a better option than to "remain a prisoner" of the current deadlock.

But he acknowledged in his statement a day after he shared his proposals with Brussels they are "some way from a resolution".

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Mr Johnson urged MPs to "come together in the national interest behind this new deal", but first he must get it passed by the EU, with reactions from European leaders so far being cool.

"This Government's objective has always been to leave with a deal and these constructive and reasonable proposals show our seriousness of purpose," the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson makes a point

Prime Minister Boris Johnson makes a point

"They do not deliver everything that we would've wished, they do represent a compromise, but to remain a prisoner of existing positions is to become a cause of deadlock rather than breakthrough.

"So we have made a genuine attempt to bridge the chasm, to reconcile the apparently irreconcilable and to go the extra mile as time runs short."

Jeremy Corbyn responded by saying no Labour MP could support the "reckless deal", which he said would jeopardise the Good Friday Agreement.

They were also criticised by the only Northern Irish MP in the Commons to hear the statement, the independent Unionist Lady Hermon, who claimed Mr Johnson “doesn’t understand Northern Ireland”.

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Responding for the SNP, Mr Blackford said: "Scotland will never consent to this extreme Tory Brexit, which would drag us out of the EU, single market and customs union against our will - and cause devastating harm to Scottish jobs, living standards, public services and the economy.

"Boris Johnson's half-baked Brexit proposals are even worse than Theresa May's. They are unacceptable, unworkable, undeliverable and designed to fail - but no one will be fooled by this botched Tory attempt to shift blame for a catastrophic no-deal Brexit.

"The Prime Minister must obey the law and seek an extension - or resign. The SNP stands ready to bring this government down in a vote of no-confidence. We will do everything we can to get rid of Boris Johnson, secure an extension, prevent a no-deal and call an election.”