SNP can form dancing bond with Theresa May, MPs told

Peter Wishart'SNP MP
Peter Wishart'SNP MP
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A Cabinet colleague has insisted Theresa May can dance while encouraging the SNP to bond with the Prime Minister over Scottish country dancing.

Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom defended Mrs May amid jibes from Pete Wishart over the dance moves displayed on her Africa trade mission.

Mrs Leadsom also suggested Scottish Tory MPs are “more photogenic” than Mr Wishart after the SNP Commons leader complained that UK ministers do not want to meet him to discuss his Perth and North Perthshire constituency.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Wishart said: “We did learn a few things in the course of the recess... that the Prime Minister definitely can’t dance but we know nothing about twinkle toes Leadsom.

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“What we have found is the EU negotiators are waltzing right round the UK while (Jacob Rees-Mogg, Tory MP for North East Somerset) is doing a quickstep while this Government can barely muster a cha-cha-cha.”

Raising concerns over meetings between Scottish Tories and ministers, Mr Wishart said: “Are we beginning to see the politicisation of meetings with ministers in order to give party political advantage?”

Mrs Leadsom, in her reply, said: “I think the Prime Minister can dance.

“I would just like to draw his attention to the all-party parliamentary group for Scottish country dancing. He might like to write to the Prime Minister and invite her along with him to that.

“He claims to be able to sing - I can see some new bonding going on there, it’d be fantastic.”

On ministerial meetings, Mrs Leadsom added: “I’m very happy to meet with him any time he likes.

“I’ll definitely have my photograph taken with him. I’ll be delighted. Any time. Particularly if we were dancing together - Scottish country dancing, whatever, it works for me.

“I just don’t think he is right that UK ministers refuse to meet with him. If he has evidence of that, I would certainly look into it, but my absolute clear understanding is ministers will meet with colleagues right across the House and do frequently.

“It may simply be my honourable friends here are more photogenic - he needs to consider that in his thinking.”