Sketch: May gives little away in awkward One Show interview

Visitors to BBC HQ at Broadcasting House are greeted by a full-size model of a Dalek. But last night viewers of the One Show got to see the real time-travelling robotic overlord.

Prime Minister Theresa Mayand her husband Philip Jon May pose for a photograph with the hosts of the BBC's The One Show, Matt Baker and Alex Jones. Picture Getty

On the sofa alongside husband Philip, Theresa May was ruthlessly on message, answering a question about their holidays with a soundbite about “taking tough decisions”. Her upbringing in her father’s vicarage was “stable”. Maybe it was strong, too.

The gender politics were a throwback to the pre-EU 1970s. In the May household, “there’s boy jobs and girl jobs”, she said. Philip takes out the bins. Theresa takes the UK out of the single market.

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And of course, the most powerful woman in Britain was asked about shoes. Don’t despair – a young Westminster aide apparently once told her: “Your shoes got me into politics.”

A question on fake news took the discussion straight to the painful topic that helped put May into Number 10 - their lack of children. A newspaper printed they had had a baby, prompting a shocked call from Philip’s mother.

It was a rare prick of emotion and the only time the defences came down.

“It’s a difficult one,” presenter Alex Jones said, trying to prise out an answer on Banksy, but really speaking for everyone watching.

It was an unpolished and ordinary performance from the Prime Minister. Which helps explain why so many voters are flocking to her.