Shamed Bill Walker fails in Holyrood pass bid

Convicted domestic abuser and former MSP Bill Walker has failed in an attempt to be granted a security pass for the Scottish Parliament.

Former MSP Bill Walker was released from prison in March. Picture: Toby Williams

Walker was convicted of a string of domestic abuse charges committed against three ex-wives and a teenage stepdaughter. The former SNP MSP and independent served 6 months of a year-long prison term, and was released in March.

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A pass to walk through Holyrood is usually given to MSPs who retire or are voted out, and allows access to the building’s two bars and Members’ Restaurant.

Walker’s application for a pass was knocked back by parliament staff, with one anonymous source telling the Sun newspaper: “He can forget it. The only way that guy’s getting back in here is with a coach tour.”

Last month, it emerged that the wife-beating former politician had lost an appeal to overturn one of his convictions.