Scottish independence: SNP’s plans ‘in a state of flux’, Willie Rennie claims

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SCOTTISH Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie claimed that the SNP’s plans for independence were in a “state of flux”, after justice secretary Kenny MacAskill appeared to suggest that ministers may have to go back to voters with certain matters if the electorate backed independence in the referendum.

In a television interview, Mr MacAskill talked about how ministers would be involved in negotiations with the UK government following a vote in favour of independence.

However, the justice secretary appeared to hint that the SNP would need to consult voters about certain parts of any post-referendum settlement agreed with the UK. He said: “We’ll go into negotiation in the spirit of co-operation.

“There are aspects where we would return to the people in Scotland.”

Mr Rennie said: “Kenny MacAskill implied that this would not be the case. If the Scottish people decide to fully separate Scotland from the United Kingdom family, they need to do so in the knowledge of the implications.

“The SNP are in a state of flux on so many issues relating to Scottish independence. They need to come clean on what Scottish independence will mean for our future. We need hard facts instead of this woolly fantasy.”