Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament

Gordon Brown: Independent Scotland brings ‘austerity until doomsday’

Scotland would face “austerity until doomsday” if the country became independent, former prime minister Gordon Brown has said.

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Councils are required to plan for the current and future housing needs of the Gypsy/Traveller community but plans for permanent camps and stopping places often meet with local objections. Picture: Steven Brown

Map of stopping-off places would help Gypsy/Traveller community, says MSP

The mapping of stopping-off places would help improve the lives of Scotland’s Gypsy/Traveller community, an MSP has said.

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Millionaire Brexit campaigner Arron Banks had a series of undisclosed meetings with Russian embassy officials. Picture: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Leave.EU founder Arron Banks denies campaign took Russian money

Prominent Brexiteer Arron Banks has insisted there is no evidence the anti-EU campaign took Russian money as he faces a grilling from MPs.

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Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaks on Brexit. Picture: Getty Images

More than two thirds of young Scots believe Brexit will be ‘bad’

Under one in ten young people in Scotland think the Brexit vote was a “good result”, research has found.

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SNP accused of ‘burying’ Growth Commission at party conference

The SNP has been accused of burying its controversial Growth Commission by making no official plans to debate it on the floor of its party conference this weekend.

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The Scottish Resistance have confirmed Sean Clerkin has been suspended.

Sean Clerkin suspended from Scottish Resistance

Sean Clerkin has been suspended from the Scottish Resistance after he told the Scotsman he would not be campaigning for Scottish independence.

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Theresa May faces fresh criticism from her own party over Brexit negotiations

Theresa May has been hit with fresh Conservative attacks on her leadership as she attempts to steer the UK through Brexit.

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Former Vote Leave chairman Lord Lawson has applied for French residency

Former Vote Leave chairman applies for French residency

A leading Brexit campaigner is applying for his official French residency card.

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Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: Getty Images

Jeremy Corbyn told to sack Welsh MPs who want new Brexit vote

Jeremy Corbyn is facing fresh opposition to his Brexit stance as ten Welsh Labour MPs called for a new referendum.

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No Indyref risk to Glasgow as city makes Channel 4 HQ shortlist

Channel 4 will not consider the possibility of a second referendum on Scottish independence when deciding where to relocate, after Glasgow was included in a seven-strong shortlist to host the broadcaster’s new headquarters.

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Shetland is among the islands who will now have more powers under a new bill passed by Holyrood. Picture: Trip Advisor Traveller

Scottish islands given more powers under indy legislation

Holyrood has passed a law to give island communities the opportunity to access more powers.

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Stanley Johnson has suggested the Brexit referendum should be re-run

Stanley Johnson says Brexit referendum should be re-run

Stanley Johnson has said the Brexit referendum should be held again if there is evidence there was Russian interference in the vote.

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Tom Peterkin: ‘Bizarre’ release of SNP’s independence report

Compared with the razamataz of Alex Salmond’s immaculately choreographed independence White Paper, the launch of the indyref2 document was something else entirely.

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Blair McDougall: Scots indy report shows uncomfortable truths

Scots have become so bored with the never ending SNP campaign to leave the UK that they would be forgiven for treating yesterday’s Growth Commission report as more background noise.

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Blair Jenkins: SNP ask people to approach indy with fresh eyes

This is a bold and ambitious report in many respects, but I think one of its key objectives is a relatively modest one – simply to encourage people to approach the independence debate with fresh eyes and an open mind.

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Independent Scotland economy would need 25 years to catch up

An independent Scotland would take up to 25 years to match the economic performance of other small countries, according to the SNP’s independence blueprint.

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn standing on the rooftop of the City Hotel in Derry City. Picture: Liam McBurney/PA Wire

Jeremy Corbyn says Northern Ireland needs voice at Brexit table

Northern Ireland needs a voice at the Brexit talks table, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

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SNP Growth Commission: Independence not a ‘magic economic wand’

Scottish independence is not a “magic wand” that can be waved to bring economic success, the Growth Commission’s author has said.

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Low-income Scots can’t be relied on for Yes vote

Independence campaigners cannot rely on the votes of low income Scots to deliver a Yes vote in any future referendum, a new report shows.

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Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: AFP/Getty

Theresa May told ministers to get ‘hands on’ over customs dispute

David Lidington said the Prime Minister had told ministers to take a more “hands on” approach to sorting out disagreements on the post Brexit customs arrangements.

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