Wings Over Scotland plans new pro-independence party to take on SNP

A controversial independence blogger has revealed his plan to create a new political party to challenge the SNP at Holyrood.

Stuart Campbell, the founder of Wings Over Scotland is considering setting up a new political party. Picture: PA/John Devlin

Stuart Campbell, the founder, and author of the popular Wings Over Scotland blog believes a new party would capitalise on demands within the Yes movement for more action to be taken towards independence.

Speaking in an interview with The Times, Mr Campbell said: "The responsibility I feel is to speak up for people who feel ignored by the SNP and politics in general.

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"[There are] people who are in this tiny bubble and they all feel very important.

Stuart Campbell, the founder of Wings Over Scotland is considering setting up a new political party. Picture: PA/John Devlin

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Wings over Scotland defends robust blogging style in Alex Salmond interview

"All the politicians, all the journalists, all the civic Scotland figures are all on the same page on this but it is not the same page that the vast majority of the population is on. So I feel a responsibility for those people.”

He added: "I think the SNP is a shambles at the moment. It doesn't know what it's doing."

It is understood the Wings party would try to mimic the success of populist, anti-political movements which have swept across the western world in recent years.

Mr Campbell said he had already put forward the notion of a new party to several potential candidates but he will wait until nearer the 2021 Scottish election before deciding whether or not to create a new political group.

"It's conceivable that a Wings party might be able to pick-up list seats that the pro-indy side otherwise might not."

Mr Campbell hinted that plans would be put in motion if there was a realistic prospect of the pro-independence movement losing its majority at Holyrood.

Reacting to the writer's political ambitions, The Scottish Conservatives branded Mr Campbell "despicable."A spokesman for the party said: "Wings Over Scotland is the most reprehensible extreme of the independence movement.

“The organisation would be far and away the most despicable participant ever to have sought involvement in Holyrood.

“Perhaps the reverend should start closer to home and pitch some candidates in Bath council elections.”

In June, the blogger, who has 250,000 unique visitors a month to his website, defended his robust writing style in an interview with Alex Salmond on the Kremlin-backed Russia Today news channel.