Scottish independence: 'Rocks will melt with the sun' before Tories support IndyRef2 plan, says Carlaw

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives has said "the rocks will melt with the sun" before his party supports Nicola Sturgeon's plan for a second independence referendum.

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw said the SNP wanted to "chuck away" the result of the 2014 referendum. Picture: John Devlin

Speaking in Newton Mearns while campaigning in the East Renfrewshire constituency on Saturday, Jackson Carlaw claimed the SNP was attempting to "chuck away" the verdict of the 2014 independence referendum.

He also took aim at Jeremy Corbyn following the Labour leader's visit to Scotland last week which saw him shift his position on whether he would grant an IndyRef2 if he took power following next month's election.

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"But what we’ve learnt this week is that it goes much deeper than that. On one level, his visit to Scotland this week was just a shambles – and I’m pretty sure we all laughed at the sheer amateurism of it all. But this really is no laughing matter.

"Because to see the leader of one of a once great political parties casually dismissing the need to stop the break-up of our country is chilling.

"Time after time, Mr Corbyn had the chance to say no to Nicola Sturgeon. He had ample opportunities to say something positive about our United Kingdom – to talk up his belief in our Union. Yet he point-blank refused."

He continued: "So, unlike Jeremy Corbyn let me make clear: the Scottish Conservatives will not, under any circumstances, support another referendum on independence. Not because we resist democracy – but because we demand democracy be respected.

"We reject the First Minister’s concept of disposable democracy: the idea that you can chuck away a once in a generation decision because you’ve had enough of it.

In short – and to borrow a phrase – the rocks will melt with the sun before we ever give in to Nicola Sturgeon demand for a second independence referendum."