Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon to outline 'clear case' for indyref2

Nicola Sturgeon is set to publish a paper which she says outlines the “clear democratic case” for the transfer of powers from Westminster to the Scottish Parliament, to enable a legal vote on Scottish independence.

The First Minister will tomorrow launch a document, entitled “Scotland’s Right to Choose” despite Boris Johnson’s statement last week that he would refuse any application for a Section 30 Order.

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However, Scots Tory interim leader Jackson Carlaw accused her of attempting to distract the public from “her failures” as First Minister.

The First Minister will tomorrow(Thursday) launch a document, entitled Scotlands Right to Choose despite Boris Johnsons statement last week that he would refuse any application for a Section 30 Order.

Ms Sturgeon’s paper comes a week after the SNP won 47 of the 59 Scottish Westminster constituencies in the General Election, which she said is an “unarguable” mandate for a referendum.

Ahead of the launch at Bute House tomorrow, she said: “"With the publication of this document, we lay out the detailed case for putting Scotland’s future into Scotland’s hands.

“We will take forward work to update the detailed and substantive case for independence. But, whatever people’s views on the issue of independence itself, there is a wide and growing consensus that Scotland must be able to choose its own future.

“Now that the election is over, and the result so overwhelmingly clear, I believe that consensus is growing by the day."

Nicola Sturgeon will tomorrow publish her "democratic case" for a second independence referendum.

She added: “Let me be clear, the demand for this country to have the right to determine its own path comes not just from me as First Minister – it flows from the people of Scotland and the verdict they delivered last week.

“The Scottish Government believes that right should be exercised free from the threat of legal challenge. We understand that a referendum must be accepted as legitimate, here in Scotland and the UK, as well as in the EU and the wider international community.

“There is no doubt whatsoever there has been a material change in circumstances since 2014. I urge people in Scotland to rally round the case for Scotland’s right to choose – our right to self-determination. It is not the time for Scotland to give up on reasoned and democratic argument – but to pursue it ever more confidently.”

However Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw said the document was "typical of this abysmal SNP government".

He added: "After presiding over the Sick Kids hospital fiasco, the scandal at Glasgow's super-hospital , the farce of the CalMac ferries delay and the ScotRail shambles, Nicola Sturgeon should seek to divert attention away from her failures with a divisive, grievance-laden attempt to drag us back to another independence referendum.

"Nicola Sturgeon has failed as First Minister and is using constitutional division to cover up for the fact. She must halt her march to indyref2 now and – along with the rest of the UK – let Scotland move on.”

And Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said: “The General Election result did not provide Nicola Sturgeon with a mandate for a divisive and unwanted second independence referendum.

“The majority of people in Scotland voted last week for parties that want Scotland to remain in the UK, and the First Minister herself has admitted that many who did vote for the SNP did so to stop Brexit or Boris - not for another Scexit referendum.

“Scotland’s future is already in Scotland’s hands, and the people of Scotland have made it clear they do not support a divisive second independence referendum next year."“