Letters: I voted No in 2014, but Boris Johnson is forcing many like me to reconsider independence

The prospect of Boris Johnson leading the UK is forcing many unionists to consider Scottsih independence, a Scotsman reader writes.

According to Mr Scott ­(Letters, June 19) any ­problems with Scotland’s economy following independence must be blamed on the SNP wanting independence.

That is not correct in any way, shape or form. The ­economic problems are ­coming ­Scotland’s way ­following the selfish, egotistical, stupid decisions taken by the ‘posh boys’ who have ruled Britain from Westminster since time immemorial.

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Pro-independence supporters gather in Glasgow. Picture: John Devlin

They are products of public schools, who have no conception of life in the real world, for real people, who have to work very hard just to ­‘manage’, quoting Theresa May.

They are having a civil war in their own party, so the rest of us have to suffer their lies, stupidity and incompetence. They are gradually dragging all parts of the United Kingdom into an economic abyss.

They don’t care because all they have to do is move their money from one offshore account to another, leaving the rest of us to sink, while they enjoy their games.

I voted against independence in 2014 because I believe we have to work in harmony globally, as that is the way the capitalist system works.

But Johnson is forcing many No voters to change their minds, not because we particularly want to break up the UK, but because we are being thrown off the cliff edge against our will.

Don’t blame us, blame the selfish Conservative members of parliament who are only in it for what they can get out of it, not what they can give.

Margaret Forbes, Johnstone, Renfrewshire