"Less popular than Thatcher": Readers react to Boris Johnson being jeered on Scotland visit

Scotsman readers were quick to respond after a decidedly frosty reception in Edinburgh for new Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: PA
Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: PA

Mr Johnson was visiting Bute House for a brief meeting with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, with both sides immediately confirming that significant differences had been discussed during the visit.

The Prime Minister had earlier visited Faslane naval base and took time to meet Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, who has expressed concerns over his Brexit strategy.

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Loud boos and jeers were heard as Mr Johnson arrived at Bute House, with the PM choosing to leave via a back door.

Poor Nicola

"Poor Nicola! That face says it all!" Geraldine Logan

"Agreed, imagine having to deal with that lunatic." Barry Kirk

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Boris Johnson leaves Bute House by rear exit

"Poor Nicola could not get any further away from him to shake his hand." Amanda Elle

"You can also see the ice on her shoulder." David Akers

Lukewarm or freezing?

"Did anyone expect anything else? The man is less popular than Maggie Thatcher was north of the border which is quite an achievement!" Allister Foden

"Now he knows what it's like for our MP's to get their point across at Westmonster." Gordon Bett

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"Lukewarm reception? It was freezing cold." Jennifer Ross

"Well he was never gonnae get the red carpet treatment in Scotland." Lesley Brownlie

"He is lucky she shook his hand. My new American hero is the woman who flipped Trump and his motorcade the bird in northern Virginia. She was fired from her job but is now running for Congress." Jo Ann Stewart

Boris defenders...

"Jeered a little but cheered a lot. Quite a surprise !! Nicola not a happy bunny." Bernard Battles

"Maybe they were all booing Nicola Sturgeon?" Shona Alnasser

"Nicola got to meet her new boss today." Scotty Murray

"Disgraceful behaviour I am no lover of the Tories however this rent a mob attitude does nothing for Scotland. Chick Macdonald

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"If this is the unmannerly attitude encouraged by SNP then they will lose support..politics requires diplomacy amongst other things and not a huffy face like a 6 year old." Robert Macfarlane