Scottish independence: Yvonne Hama in new No video

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A BETTER Together supporter whose posts on the campaign’s website were removed over her “unacceptable” comments on social media has appeared in the campaign’s most recent referendum broadcast.

Yvonne Hama featured in last night’s TV broadcast a day after Twitter posts attributed to her, in which she compared the SNP to the Nazis, came to light. Better Together said the video had been submitted to broadcasters before Ms Hama’s posts were known to them.

Yvonne Hama. Picture: Contributed

Yvonne Hama. Picture: Contributed

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Ms Hama reportedly wrote a Tweet to Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in 2012 which read: “u will like borgen...german...#snp nazis ring a bell :)”. Ms Hama’s Twitter account has since been deactivated or deleted.

A piece written by Hama for the Better Together website, entitled ‘Why I’m Saying No Thanks’, was subsequently removed from the campaign website.

Better Together’s referendum broadcast was edited and submitted for broadcast before Ms Hama’s comments came to light, and a Better Together spokesperson said: “These comments were unacceptable and we removed them from all of our online content as soon as we were made aware of them.”