Scottish independence: Yes campaign chief turns the question on its head

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The chief executive of the independence campaign yesterday offered an alternative perspective on the constitutional issue.

He posed the question: “How many Scots would vote to join the Union if Scotland was still independent?”

Blair Jenkins asked the question at a debate at Queen Margaret University, where he said in such circumstances the overwhelming majority of Scots would vote “Yes” to remaining independent.

Mr Jenkins suggested that Scots should consider his question carefully in the run up to the 2014 referendum. He said: “Suppose the Act of Union had never happened, Scotland was today still an independent country and the vote we were taking in two years’ time was not on whether we should leave the Union, but on whether we should join it.

“In that scenario, what would be the case for the Union?

“Your main parliament will move hundreds of miles away and your MPs will be in a small minority. You will have 
a government you didn’t vote for.

“You will hand over all your oil and gas revenues to the London Treasury.”