Scottish independence: Women ‘turned off by suits’

WOMEN have been put off the independence debate by “two men in suits” arguing about currency, according to Green MSP Alison Johnstone.

Alison Johnstone: Focus must shift to effect on everyday lives. Picture: Julie Bull

The pro-independence Greens are to launch a push for more focus on social justice, warning that “Westminster has failed” and a Yes vote can show a “different way is possible”.

Women are less enthusiastic about voting Yes than men, polling has suggested. Ms Johnstone said yesterday: “Women may be taking longer to make up their minds.

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“I think perhaps the fact that a lot of the debate has focused on two men in suits discussing a currency [has put them off]. We need to get on to health, to education, to inequality. Let’s start discussing what we want to see happening in our everyday lives in Scotland.”

Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie will step up the social justice push at an event in Tranent’s Loch Centre this week. He will urge voters to question the claim that the UK “pools and shares resources”. He said: “We have children in poverty and families relying on food banks. On social justice, it’s clear that Westminster has failed.

“Independence is a chance for Scotland to show a different way is possible. Those who are unsure deserve to hear a wide range of perspectives on this hugely important vote.”