Scottish independence: undecided voters Yes boost

Picture: HeMedia
Picture: HeMedia
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UNDECIDED voters are moving towards the Yes camp in the referendum and could still swing the outcome next month, new research today has found.

Support for Yes stands at 47.5% when taking in undecided voters who are leaning one way or the other, with the No camp on 52.5%, according to the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) study published today.

It finds 51% say they will vote No when they are asked the straight referendum question, with 38% claiming they will vote Yes.

Of the undecided 11-12%, about 7% are “leaning” and come down two to one in favour of Yes, the research suggests. About 5% are totally undecided, while 5% refused to answer and stripping out these response places yes on 47.5%.

Co-author Professor Ailsa Henderson said: “The Scottish electorate feels engaged with the referendum process, with over 92% saying they are very likely or fairly likely to vote. Similarly, eighty per cent of respondents said that they were interested in the referendum campaign. People feel informed but there is limited confidence in the ability of either campaign to accurately reflect the consequences of the result and levels of actual knowledge are low.”

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