Scottish independence: Sturgeon slams No campaign

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: Neil Hanna
Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: Neil Hanna
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THE No campaign is “destroying the idea” that the UK is an equal partnership, Nicola Sturgeon said today.

Scots are “second class citizens” in the eyes of the Westminster “decision makers”, the Deputy First Minister claimed in a keynote speech in Wales today.

Her claims follow a new poll for Scotland on Sunday which indicates that the Yes camp is steadily closing the gap on the pro-union supporters in the independence debate.

“In its attempts to scare, and now threaten, voters in Scotland, the No campaign is destroying the very idea that the UK is an equal partnership,” she told an audience including Welsh Assembly members in Cardiff.

‘Partnership notion torn apart’

Sturgeon’s comments follow warnings in recent weeks that Scotland would not be allowed to share the pound after independence, or have access to the BBC and other UK institutions which Scots have “contributed to the development of”.

Ms Sturgeon added: “Those opposed to independence used to claim that the UK – as it currently stands – is an equal partnership of nations and of people.

“That notion is being torn apart on an almost daily basis.

“The leaders of the No campaign are going out of their way to demonstrate where they think power really lies.

“In the event of independence we are told we have the obligation to pay a share of the debt run up by successive Westminster Chancellors.

“But we have no right to a share of the assets that we have helped to construct, build and pay for.”

She added: “Westminster sees itself as the decision-maker with Scotland relegated to second-class status. Why would anyone want to stay in a Union where we are treated in such a way?”