Scottish independence: Salmond faces blueprint Q&A

Alex Salmond (L) and Nicola Sturgeon present the White Paper for Scottish independance. Picture: Getty
Alex Salmond (L) and Nicola Sturgeon present the White Paper for Scottish independance. Picture: Getty
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FIRST Minister Alex Salmond and his Cabinet are to face questioning on their independence White Paper by hundreds of representatives from civil Scotland.

Over 300 people from large and small businesses, trade unions, voluntary and public sectors, along with charities and other organisations will be given the opportunity to grill Alex Salmond and his staff on the blueprint for independence.

The event comes a fortnight after the Scottish Government published ‘Scotland’s Future’ - its White Paper on independence - with the First Minister calling it a ‘mission statement’ on how the creation of an independent Scotland could help build a better nation.

Mr Salmond said the event gave leading figures the ‘ideal opportunity’ to learn more about the 670-page document, in order to help them make an informed decision ahead of the referendum in September of next year.

The question and answer session, held at Edinburgh’s International Conference Centre is being broadcast live on the internet.

Mr Salmond added: “The publication of Scotland’s Future marks a significant moment in the referendum campaign as we set out a detailed prospectus for an independent Scotland, providing answers to the host of reasonable questions people have about what a vote for independence will mean and the opportunities that will flow from that.

“We have a responsibility to provide as much information as possible to the people who will cast their vote in the referendum, allowing them to make an informed choice about the future of their country.

“This major event, bringing together representatives of Scotland’s key trade union, business, voluntary and public sector bodies, presents an ideal opportunity to do exactly that and my Cabinet colleagues and I are thoroughly looking forward to it.”

The event follows the news that the Yes campaign have received a boost with a new poll showing an increase in support of three per cent - the first time support has risen in nearly a year.