Scottish independence round-up: Yes pledge | McLeish

For the latest on the Scottish independence debate, visit our dedicated referendum website. Picture: TSPL
For the latest on the Scottish independence debate, visit our dedicated referendum website. Picture: TSPL
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CATCH up on the day in the Scottish independence debate, with this round-up of stories featured on our dedicated referendum microsite.

One million voters have signed a declaration in favour of Scottish independence, the pro-independence Yes Scotland campaign has revealed. The Proclaimers joined Yes Scotland chief Blair Jenkins to celebrate the landmark, which has been achieved four weeks before Scots go to the polls.

Former Labour first minister Henry McLeish has dismissed Better Together claims that he is preparing to endorse a Yes vote in the independence referendum as “absolute rubbish”.

In other news, 27 of Scotland’s 32 local authorities have banned the official ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ camps from their schools, according to research by BBC Scotland.

Uncertainty over currency in an independent Scotland could lead to “capital flight” from the country, according to the chairman of HSBC, and Alistair Darling, the leader of the Better Together campaign, has taken part in the viral charity phenomenon known as the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’.


Every day we highlight some of the most interesting and talked-about articles on the Scottish independence referendum - here are some of today’s best pieces, as featured on our Indyref microsite.

Scottish independence battle moves to pop-up shops and letterboxes

The Guardian’s Severin Carrell and Libby Brooks look at the grassroots tactics used to drum up support for Scottish independence, and the ‘forensic’ approach taken by the anti-independence Better Together campaign.

Lyndsay Buckland: Glorified view of NHS not helpful to voters

Rose-tinted views of the NHS will not be helpful in the Scottish independence debate, writes The Scotsman’s health correspondent Lyndsay Buckland.

John Finnie: Scotland should say ‘Yes’ to ousting Trident

John Finnie, the Highlands MSP who resigned from the SNP over the party’s stance on Nato membership, calls for a ‘Yes’ vote in next month’s referendum in order to remove nuclear weapons from Scotland, in this piece published on the New Internationalist blog.

David Elstein: The BBC and the Scottish referendum

David Elstein of OpenDemocracy looks at John Birt’s remarks on the future of the BBC in Scotland, and suggests that a licence fee split between the BBC and a Scottish Broadcasting Service would mitigate many of the potential problems post-independence.

‘Yes’ flags fly in former Labour stronghold of Dundee

Mark Hennessy of the Irish Times visits Dundee, a city which has become a major focal point of the Yes Scotland campaign having previously serving as a Labour stronghold.

Ross McGuinness: Why Catalonia, Flanders and Venice will be watching Scotland’s referendum

Metro’s In Focus features editor Ross McGuinness looks at the reaction across Europe to the Scottish independence referendum debate, and the evolving state of the campaigns with under four weeks to go until the 18 September vote.

Jemma Neville: Homage To Catalonia

Writing for National Collective, Jemma Neville reflects on the positions of the pro-independence movements in Scotland and Catalonia, and the perception of the Scottish debate in the region.

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