Scottish independence poll: Only 28% support Yes

The Yes campaign suffered a blow in the latest poll. Picture: HEMEDIA
The Yes campaign suffered a blow in the latest poll. Picture: HEMEDIA
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THE Yes campaign’s momentum in the polls has suffered a blow, with a new survey showing only 28 per cent of Scots back independence.

The TNS UK results are well down on a weekend poll in Scotland on Sunday, which put support for Yes at 39 per cent.

The latest poll suggests 30 per cent of Scots remain undecided, while 42 per cent intend to vote No. The results are broadly unchanged from the last TNS poll in January.

The gap between Yes and No does not change when the responses of only those who say they are certain to vote in the September referendum are considered. In that case, 46 per cent back staying in the Union, 32 per cent opt for independence, and the don’t knows fall to 22 per cent.

TNS questioned 1,019 adults between 26 February and 9 March.

Pro-independence group Yes Scotland said a poll of polls in March indicated its support was running at 44 per cent.

Chief executive Blair Jenkins said: “The gap with No has halved since November – the direction of travel is extremely encouraging.”

Better Together campaign director Blair McDougall said: “The momentum is clearly with the campaign for Scotland to remain in the UK, with support for separation falling, even though it is already below historic levels. Alex Salmond’s failure to be honest about the consequences of separation is damaging his campaign.”


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