Scottish independence poll of polls shows No at 57%

Picture: HeMedia
Picture: HeMedia
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SCOTLAND is poised to reject independence in next month’s referendum amid claims that the Yes campaign has “stalled”, according to new research.

A new “poll of polls” says 57% of Scots are likely to vote No with 43% backing a Yes vote, the research for the Independent suggests.

It is based on the last six opinion polls and excludes `don’t knows’ and has been calculated by Professor John Curtice of Strathclyde University.

It comes ahead of a head-to-head TV debate between First Minister Alex salmond and Alistair darling, the head of the No campaign, next week.

Prof Curtice said: “Unless Mr Salmond can begin to turn those numbers around, it looks as though Scotland will opt to stay in the Union, albeit perhaps by a margin that some unionists may find rather less than comfortable.

“The Yes campaign seems to have stalled while still significantly short of its destination.”

The pro-independence campaign has made progress since before last Christmas when support for a Yes vote was running at just below 40%, but has been stck around the 42-44% mark since then.

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