Scottish independence: Poll backs more devolution

Poll shows backing for increased powers for Scotland within UK. Picture: Contributed
Poll shows backing for increased powers for Scotland within UK. Picture: Contributed
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A STRONGER Scottish Parliament within the United Kingdom remains the most favoured option among Scots ahead of the independence referendum, according to a poll.

Thirty-two per cent of Scottish adults want devolution inside the UK, but with more powers for the Scottish Parliament, a YouGov poll on behalf of the pro-UK Better Together campaign found.

Scottish independence was the second most popular constitutional option, at 30 per cent, with the status quo of devolution as it stands today a close third at 29 per cent.

With a total of 61 per cent backing devolution, Better Together said the poll confirmed it was still “the settled will of the Scottish people”, 25 years after then Labour leader John Smith used the phrase while laying the groundwork for devolution.

Support for independence was strongest among SNP supporters at 58 per cent, while a quarter backed stronger devolution and a tenth backed the status quo.

Better Together director Blair McDougall said: “This poll confirms that devolution for Scotland within the UK remains the settled will of the Scottish people.

“Devolution has been a success and new tax-raising and borrowing powers are being delivered for our parliament.”

A Yes Scotland spokesman said: “What this survey shows is that most people want decisions about Scotland to be made in Scotland, and the only way to guarantee that is with a Yes vote in September.

“There is no option for ‘more powers’ on the ballot paper because the No parties refused to have that included.

“The poll also confirms that independence is a more popular choice than sticking with the way things are and a broken Westminster system.”