Scottish independence: People speak their minds on referendum debate

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Businesses, industry leaders and academics have their say on Scotland’s constitutional future

“Everything should be done to avoid the result being subject to legal challenge.”

Scottish Council for Development and Industry

“[It is] absolutely essential that the commission, rather than some improvised ad hoc body, shall take its normal role in the proposed referendum.”

British Armed Forces Federation

“I believe that it is very important that the Scots who are non-resident, but who were born and brought up in Scotland and hope to return to Scotland to live, should have a vote in a referendum on Scottish Independence.”

E-mail from a member of the public; only 4 per cent expressed this or a smilar view

“While not unsympathetic to calls to extend the franchise to 16- and 17-year-olds, we believe that this is an issue which is best separated from the referendum under discussion.”

Joint submission from academics at the University of Edinburgh

“There is no doubt that the on-going debate about devolution and independence is having a destabilising effect on future planning and the uncertainty is affecting decisions about investment into Scottish projects.”

Motorsports Association

“There is a substantial body of opinion in Scotland favourable to some form of devolution-max. This option is no more nor less coherent and well-developed than that of independence.”

Professor Michael Keating

“The question which is asked should be a single clear one requiring a simple yes/no answer, allowing any decision by the people to be clearly communicated.”

Allied Vehicles

“The sooner the better… the colossal diversion of political activity into hugely time-consuming consideration of independence, instead of a full-time focus on delivering continuous improvement to all aspects of society has to be a big cost.”

Maitland Mackie, of Mackie’s of Scotland

“There are solid democratic reasons to be sceptical of multi-option referendums…of the more than 200 referendums that have been held on ethnic and national issues, only four have used multi-option referendums.”

Dr Matt Qvortrup, referendums expert.

“We agree with the UK and Scottish governments’ preference for a single question… alternative arrangements should be determined… outside the referendum process.”

Weir Group, engineering group