SCottish independence: Opposition unites to make cause for Union

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A LABOUR MP has agreed to speak at the forthcoming Tory party conference in Scotland after being invited to make a joint case for the Union yesterday by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Brian Donohoe, the MP for Central Ayrshire, wrote to Mr Cameron saying he would appear at the conference later this month, which is to be held in Troon.

The invitation came during Prime Minister’s Questions when Mr Cameron urged his political opponent to attend the conference in order to show a united front.

Mr Donohoe said: “I want to know whether you agree with me, the uncertainty created by the Nats [nationalists] around the separatist idea of a referendum, that is being delayed longer than it should be, is it not leading to uncertainty of inward investment? Will you come with me, while you’re in Troon, to see some of the potential of inward investment? It’s a promise you made to me a year ago.”

Mr Cameron replied: “I agree with every word you said. I make you this offer, as I’m going to be in Troon, if you can make that short trip from your constituency and we can share a platform together and point out the dangers of separatism.”

Accepting the offer Mr Donohoe said last night: “This is too important an issue for partisan politics to get in the way and I am writing to the Prime Minister to accept his invitation and to make the case for the Union.”