Scottish independence: Loch Ness monster vote call

Vote me in: the Loch Ness Monster
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First we had Kermit the Frog giving his thoughts on the independence referendum debate but now a campaign has been launched for Scotland’s most elusive celebrity to get a vote.

The Loch Ness Monster has shunned all public appearances for over a year, but campaigners hope she will surface later this year if given the right to get on the electoral register.

The #NessieToVote campaign got into full-swing at VisitScotland Expo at the SECC in Glasgow last night – just hours after the deadline for April Fool’s passed.

Freda Newton director of Jacobite Cruises, and backer of Nessie’s fight to be recognised as a voter, said: “Loch Ness and the international icon Nessie are two of Scotland’s biggest attractions and have been the subject of books, films, documentaries and scientific studies.

“Nessie is probably one of the greatest ambassadors for Scottish Tourism, helping attract over a million people from around the world and bringing £25 million to the Highland economy. For this reason she should be able to play a part in deciding the country’s future. And she’s recruited Jess to launch the campaign.

“Jacobite Cruises is firmly backing Nessie’s right to vote and we are encouraging others to do the same by visiting our social media channels or using the hashtag NessieToVote. We’ll also be campaigning throughout Expo.”

Highland MP Danny Alexander said: “Everyone needs to have their voice heard in the referendum debate - including my most famous constituent.

“Nessie is as old as the UK itself. I’m sure she’ll want to put in a rare public appearance to cast a vote in the referendum, we’ll just have to find a polling place big enough.”

One supporter said: “Obviously we’ve seen the recent intervention of Kermit the Frog, taking the debate on this very important matter to slightly surreal levels.

“That’s not Nessie’s way, though – she’s all about keeping people guessing and maintaining the mystique. If we win this thing, my guess is that it will end up being a postal or even proxy vote.”

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