Scottish independence: ex-Labour councillor backs Yes

Stephen Dornan has come out in support of Scottish independence
Stephen Dornan has come out in support of Scottish independence
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Councillor and former activist for both Labour and the pro-Union campaign, Stephen Dornan, has declared his support for an independent Scotland.

The Glasgow’s Govan representative, campaigned for a No vote alongside Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont and shadow Scottish secretary Margaret Curran.

The long-standing member of the Labour and trade union movement resigned from the party three years ago and was re-elected under the Glasgow First banner.

Mr Dornan said he had decided to switch his vote from No to Yes because he believes only independence will protect Scotland’s National Health Service.

He said: “With a No vote, I fear we will suffer the consequences of the market-driven NHS England model and here in Scotland, we will be paying for our own healthcare within just a matter of years.

“I strongly believe in Yes because I firmly believe it will allow us to build a fairer and more prosperous society which looks after its people. Put simply, Scotland’s future looks much better with Yes.”

Mr Dornan said he believes that only independence can save the Govan shipyard, adding: “’With a Yes, it will be able to diversify and do other things. But if Scotland votes No, the yard will be dead by 2019, when the present orders finish.”

Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins said: “We are delighted that Stephen Dornan has declared his support for Yes. He is a hugely respected Glasgow councillor with a well-deserved reputation for working hard for those he represents.

“His warnings about the grim future the Scottish NHS faces under a No vote have been echoed by a wide variety of people. They include leading figures within the health service such as breast surgeon Dr Philippa Whitford and the country’s former chief medical officer, Sir Harry Burns.

“With the new Southern General Hospital nearby and with its strong shipbuilding tradition, Govan has a lot to gain from a Yes vote. Stephen is joining with others in advancing an obvious truth - that working people have a huge amount to gain from independence.”

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