Scottish independence: Change begins now - Miliband

Mr Miilband said the No was a vote for change. Picture: Robert Perry
Mr Miilband said the No was a vote for change. Picture: Robert Perry
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LABOUR leader Ed Miliband has said that “change begins today” after Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom.

Mr Miliband said Scotland’s decision was a “vote for change” and that having worked to keep the country together, they must now change it together.

He was speaking at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow where he was joined by Better Together leader Alistair Darling, Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont and other senior party figures.

Mr Miliband also had a message for disappointed Yes voters.

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He said: “This was a vote for No because we know we are better together.

“To all the people who voted Yes, this Labour Party is determined to show that we can be the vehicle for your hopes, your dreams your aspirations, for a better life for you, a better life for Scotland, a better life for the whole of the United Kingdom.

“Whether people voted No or Yes, let us be be absolutely clear, this was a vote for change.

“Change doesn’t end today, change begins today. We will deliver on stronger powers for a stronger parliament, for a stronger Scotland.

“I know that all party leaders will meet their commitment to deliver on that promise.”

Alex Salmond calls for pledges to be honoured

Earlier in a live televised address from No 10 following the declaration of the final result, Prime Minister David Cameron not only spelled out plans for greater home rule for Scotland, but also offered a significant rebalancing of the way the four nations of the UK are represented.

In his speech, Mr Miliband said: “Devolution is not just a good idea for Scotland and Wales, it is a good idea for England and indeed for Northern Ireland.”


Scottish independence: Scotland votes No