Scottish independence: Brown to give Glasgow speech

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Picture: PA
Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Picture: PA
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FORMER prime minister Gordon Brown will evoke the spirit of some of Labour’s heroes as he delivers a keynote speech against independence in Glasgow today.

Ahead of the speech at the United With Labour campaign, Mr Brown said: “People must remember it was Scottish leaders, trade unionists and political leaders who throughout the 20th century, from the Red Clydesiders onwards, demanded we pool and share our resources for the benefit of Scotland. Many of the great reformers and progressives – from James Maxton and Keir Hardie to Mick McGahey – were Scottish. They all believed there was a benefit in sharing our resources.

“People are forgetting that in the 20th century we pooled our resources in such a way that those areas of greatest need – and that often included Scotland – got the resources they need.

“Those areas included working conditions, healthcare and help for the unemployed, elderly or disabled.”