Scottish independence: Activists blockade Faslane

Protestors block the north gate of Faslane. Picture: Getty
Protestors block the north gate of Faslane. Picture: Getty
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VETERAN CND campaigners blockaded Scotland’s nuclear submarine base yesterday in protest at the country’s No vote on independence.

Six activists brought traffic to a standstill after creating a human barricade outside the base’s north gate.

They tied themselves together with plastic tubing and climbing equipment and lay down in the middle of the road.

All traffic was halted and no-one could enter or leave the base on Gare Loch, Argyll and Bute. Police officers, who later arrested five people, were forced to use an angle grinder to cut the protesters free.

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But the veterans refused to go silently, holding hands and bursting into song as officers attempted to guide them away from the base.

The demonstration was held to show Westminster that, despite a No vote, there are still concerns over nuclear weapons in Scotland, the group said.

Lifelong campaigner Janet Fenton, 67, said: “We had hoped a Yes vote would get rid of them for good in Scotland.

“Ultimately if disarming these illegal weapons means taking matters into our own hands then we will do that.”

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The protesters displayed banners that said “Scotland Yes, Trident No” and waved saltires as they made their stand.

Activist Brian Quail said: “The result of the referendum does not mean that we have to accept the continuing UK policy of relying on these weapons of indiscriminate slaughter.

“We know that the vast majority of Scots, including those who voted No, reject Westminster’s plans to replace Trident.”