Scottish independence: 70% want ‘No’ document

Nicola Sturgeon: Challenges No campaign to 'spell it out'. Picture: Neil Hanna
Nicola Sturgeon: Challenges No campaign to 'spell it out'. Picture: Neil Hanna
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MORE than two-thirds of Scots believe the pro-union campaign should publish its own guide setting out the future for Scotland after a No vote, according to a new poll.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will step up the pressure on the Better Together campaign to come up with its own proposals in a keynote speech this afternoon.

The SNP Government published its white paper, Scotland’s Future, last year, setting out the ways in which an independent state would operate. An opinion poll commissioned by the SNP and conducted by Panelbase finds 70% say an equivalent document should be published by the ‘No’ campaign, while 14% are against this and 16% don’t know.

Ms Sturgeon will step up calls for such a document in a speech at St Andrew’s University today. “The referendum is not a choice between change or no change - it is a choice between two futures, and therefore those arguing for a No vote have an obligation to set out what would happen to Scotland after a No,” she said.

“People in Scotland want such a document by a factor of five-to-one - with majorities across supporters of all political parties - and this New Year is the time for the No campaign to start answering the hard questions and publishing detailed information about what would happen if Scotland votes No.

“For example, if Westminster retains control over Scotland, how much would Scotland’s budget be cut by, would we still be in Europe in 2020, and how many more children would be plunged into poverty as a result of UK welfare cuts?

“As this poll demonstrates, people want answers from No.”

The poll finds that among people who voted Labour in the Scottish Parliament constituency vote in 2011, 68% believe that No campaigners should publish such a document with 14% against.

In addition, 58% of Tory voters want this information with 29% against, while 76% of Liberal Democrat voters want these details from No with 15% against. 75% of SNP voters think No campaigners should publish a document with 12% against.