Scottish independence: 18 days to ‘day of destiny’

SCOTLAND’S month of destiny has arrived with the independence referendum just 18 days away.

There are 18 days left until the referendum on Scottish independence. Picture: Hemedia
There are 18 days left until the referendum on Scottish independence. Picture: Hemedia

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and Better Together chairman Alistair Darling will be fighting for votes at opposite ends of the country today.

Mr Salmond will be attempting to unite Dundee’s rival football teams around a Yes vote, while Mr Darling will be in Greenock warning that independence could put a million jobs at risk.

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Elsewhere, Labour’s shadow defence secretary Vernon Coaker will warn that independence puts Scottish defence jobs at risk in a visit to the port of Rosyth, in Fife.

Green MSP Patrick Harvie will campaign on behalf of Yes LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender for Yes), calling for a Scottish constitution to enshrine the principles of equality.

Speaking ahead of his visit to Dundee, where he will campaign between Dundee’s Dens Park and Dundee United’s neighbouring Tannadice stadium, Mr Salmond put out a call to the “missing million” voters who have yet to register to have their say in the referendum.

“With just 17 days of campaigning left, people who want to vote but aren’t yet on the electoral roll have just 24 hours left to sign up to take part in Scotland’s date with destiny,” he said.

“The truth about Scotland’s immense wealth is reaching people and communities across the country, who are waking up to the huge wealth of opportunity offered by a Yes vote.

“Hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom have never voted in their lives, are now engaged in the most exciting, participative and powerful debate in Scottish political history.”

Campaign chairman Mr Darling will launch a new poster campaign in Greenock tomorrow featuring Scots who are saying “no thanks” to independence.

“A million Scottish jobs rely on trade within the UK,” he is expected to say.

“That is a million opportunities for families in Scotland because we are in the UK and I want to create more opportunities. That is what is best for Scottish jobs, for families and for funding our schools and hospitals.

“I want to change Scotland by taking us forward and exploiting the opportunities and strength of the UK. I don’t want Scotland to change by going backwards and separating ourselves from such a rich source of jobs.

“One million jobs rely on our links with the UK. I want a million more - not to put the million we currently have at risk.”

Scotland goes to the polls on September 18.