Scottish Election 2021 results LIVE: SNP finish one short of a majority on 64 | Scottish Conservatives hold key seat of Aberdeenshire West | Alex Salmond fails to win seat | Kaukab Stewart becomes first woman of colour elected to Scottish Parliament | Full regional vote list announced

Updates from the Scottish Parliament elections 2021.

As Day Two of the election count continues, stay up-to-date with The Scotsman election live blog.

Scottish Parliament elections 2021 LIVE: SNP win election with 64 seats - one short of majority

Key Events

  • SNP win election with 64 seats - one short of majority
  • Sturgeon hails ‘emphatic’ victory
  • Tories second with 31 seats, Labour third with 22
  • No seats for Salmond’s Alba party
  • Police investigate possible voter fraud in Edinburgh
  • Kaukab Stewart becomes first woman of colour elected

The count continues at Highland Centre, Ingilston.

Election results by seat and list in full

Scotland went to the polls this week as the country gradually emerges from Covid restrictions.Here we list the results across Scotland for all constituency seats alongside the results for MSPs who have been elected through the regional list system.

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With SNP on course for victory, spotlight will eventually turn on Boris Johnson's refusal to allow independence referendum – Henry McLeish

Regardless of the party-political outcome of the Scottish elections, the increased turnout is a significant and positive sign of the success of the new Parliament, a boost for democracy, and a measure of the political importance of Holyrood.

Scottish election 2021 results: The winners and losers

There seems to be one major winner in the first slew of results to come out of the Scottish elections – the SNP.


SNP majority hopes on a knife-edge amid gains for Nicola Sturgeon's party

The SNP will be celebrating a successful election as the party is set for another five years in power, but Nicola Sturgeon has conceded that an overall majority was a “long shot”.