Scottish council elections: SNP to‘invest and reindustrialise’ Dundee

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THE SNP launched its campaign in Dundee yesterday with a pledge to “reindustrialise” the area.

The city had been a solid Labour stronghold for 30 years and it held power in the last council elections in 2007.

But the Nationalists seized control three years ago when retiring Lord Provost John Letford quit Labour to go independent – and backed the SNP’s bid for power.

The Nationalists are desperate to hold on in Dundee, where First Minister Alex Salmond joined SNP council leader Ken Guild yesterday to launch the party’s campaign.

Mr Guild said: “We want to re-industrialise this city in the renewables sector, as well as investing in our life sciences, video games and digital media sectors.

“We have achieved a lot in the last three years – but we want to go so much further. We will build for recovery, and above all we will give Dundonians the council they deserve.”

Key pledges include transforming the city to make it a hub for renewable technology industries, creating new jobs and apprenticeships, as well as investing in education to improve performance and investing extra in leisure and sport facilities.

The SNP pledges £320 million to support the local economy through building council houses and five new primary schools, as well as freezing council tax until 2016 and introducing a living wage for all council staff.

Mr Guild added: “Since taking over the administration in 2009, Dundee has gone from being a council with poor education inspection reports and the second highest council tax in Scotland, to being one of the most cost-effective councils in Scotland.

“Over the next few years we will work with other councils and the Scottish Government to build for recovery. We will continue to invest in housing, in schools and support the redevelopment of the Waterfront.”