Scottish council elections: Bill proposed to tackle low turnout

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Local Government minister Derek Mackay has announced that he is going to launch a Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill to overcome voter apathy at local elections.

On BBC Radio Scotland’s Call Kaye, Mr Mackay said it will “bring forward questions about how we can reinvigorate local democracy.”

It will look at how communities influence decision making and public services. “I think the parties will take a look at that,” Mr MacKay said.

“He cannot prejudge consultation, but his “personal view is that bits of paper through the door isn’t good enough and media, parties, electorate joint responsibility to make local government feel more relevant, because it does spend one third of the Scottish block about £11.5 billion.”

Mr Mackay also calls for more people to get involved in local politics.

“I understand some of the issues around apathy, the challenge I would put out is that if people don’t like the system or the challenges presented by all means get involved and reinvigorate democracy.”