Scottish Conservatives to field candidates in every mainland council ward

THE Scottish Conservatives are launching their campaign for next month’s council elections today with a pledge to field candidates in every mainland council ward.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson said that the party would campaign on a pledge to bring “Conservative common sense” to local authorities ahead of the May 3 vote.

Across Scotland there will be a total of 360 Tory candidates up for election in 331 wards.

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Ms Davidson said: “For the first time, the Scottish Conservatives are fielding candidates in every council ward on the Scottish mainland.

“We are a national party with a local agenda to devolve power closer to communities and the individual. That’s why we want councils to have a greater say over how decisions are made and money is spent.

“Because of our commitment to localism, we are launching individual manifestos for each council area in mainland Scotland outlining local priorities - what works in Stonehaven might not be right for Selkirk and vice versa.”