Scots jobless total falls, while rising UK-wide

Unemployment in Scotland has fallen by 12,000
Unemployment in Scotland has fallen by 12,000
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Unemployment in Scotland has fallen by almost 12,000 - while rising elsewhere around the UK, official figures show.

The number of Scots out of work fell to 103,000 among over 16's, although the number of people in work was also down by 6,000 to 2.64 million.

It means Scotlad's uenployment rate of 3.8% is now below the 4.1% UK-wide rate, the figures for July to September show.

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The reason for the fall in unemployment, as well as declining numbers for those in work is because there has been a drop in those classed as "economically active" - the size of the potential workforce - by 18,000.

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The UK-wide picture saw unemployment increase by 21,000, but there are also record numbers of people are in work as this rose by 23,000 to a record high of 32.4 million.

Scotland's employment rate of 75% among 16 to 64s is 0.5% below the UK-wide rate.