Scots civil servants to back staying in Europe campaign

Scottish Government civil servants are working on a 'Scotland's Future' style white paper on the case for the country staying in the EU, it has emerged.

Picture: TSPL

The document was the cornerstone of the SNP case for independence and it was confirmed yesterday that officials will again be used to fight the Government corner in the EU referendum campaign.

The Tory Government has already come under fire at Westminster from “out campaigners” after it emerged Whitehall civil servants would also be used to argue the case for staying in the EU. Ministers insist that they are entitled to use the organs of power to reflect Government policy on the crucial issue.

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“We fully expect to use the resources that we have given the Government position,” a spokeswoman for Scottish ministers said yesterday.

“The Scottish Government position very strongly is that we want to remain within Europe.”

Nicola Sturgeon’s cabinet has already discussed the forthcoming EU referendum and is “very strongly” backing the case to remain, a spokesman for Ms Sturgeon said.

Asked if the Government is likely to publish any documents setting out its support for membership, he added: “There’s likely to be something spelling out in broad terms that the Scottish Government believes continued EU membership is in our best interests.”

He confirmed that civil servants are currently working on such a document.