Salmond reveals wife’s anger over ‘Solero’ photo

The now infamous 'Solero girl' pic. Picture: TSPL
The now infamous 'Solero girl' pic. Picture: TSPL
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ALEX Salmond has revealed that his wife was furious when a picture was released of him feeding a Solero to a young woman 16 years ago.

Mr Salmond, who was talking to internet news site Buzzfeed, also revealed that he was enjoying settling back into life at Westminster and that he “admires” Scottish Labour leadership candidate Kezia Dugdale.

Speaking on the “Solero” incedent, Mr Salmond said wife Moira wasn’t best pleased with the stunt, he said: “It was a hot day, in the ‘97 or ‘99 campaign - you’d know better than me.

“Anyway, I bought all of my staff an ice lolly and the photographer there suggested I fed some to the woman in the photo.

“I remember that Mrs Salmond wasn’t best pleased - I tried to hide those newspapers.”

Mr Salmond, who also said he’d been well received by fellow politicians and the people of London following his recent return to Westminster, mentioned that he barely remembers the picture being taken and that it was only “one of three bad photos” ever taken of him.

Alex Salmond’s ‘Solero girl’ identified at last

The MP joked he was “in wae the bricks now” and was settling back into life at Westminster, clearly relishing the SNP’s new found status, he spoke about their newfound popularity with rival parties, saying: “I get nothing but Tory and Labour MPs coming up to me to ask me my opinions.”

Speaking on Kezia Dugdale, Mr Salmond revealed that he thought she was a “good prospect” who will go far in politics - though “perhaps not in her present party” - before adding that would he would happily accept her into the SNP.

Typically, Alex Salmond couldn’t resist having a cheeky dig at Ms Dugdale’s predecessor, joking that Jim Murphy and his chief of staff John McTernan were actually his ‘secret agents’.

He said: “Agents Murphy and McTernan deserve the Order of Wallace, which I’ll soon be sending them, for their service to the nation.”