Salmond currency ‘like Moon is made of cheese’

ALEX Salmond’s currency claims are akin to believing the “Moon is made of cheese”, Nick Clegg has said.

Nick Clegg warned Alex Salmond. Picture: PA Wire
Nick Clegg warned Alex Salmond. Picture: PA Wire

The First Minister has insisted that Scotland will continue to share the pound in a currency union after a Yes vote – despite warnings from Chancellor George Osborne and all the other main UK party finance spokesmen that it will not happen.

Mr Clegg insisted that the SNP leader was misleading Scots and warned this is “not on offer”.

The Liberal Democrat leader said: “People can believe that the Moon is made of cheese if they wish – in the same way Alex Salmond can claim they he can retain the currency union. He will not able to. It’s simply not going to happen. It’s not on offer. I do not think it is right for Alex Salmond to claim that the world is flat when it’s round, to claim that down is up and to somehow invite people to believe in commitments which he cannot deliver.”

Mr Salmond has insisted the Westminster parties are bluffing and will agree to a currency union after a Yes vote because it is in the UK’s best interests.


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Yes Scotland chief Blair Jenkins also insisted Scots will not be taken in by the coalition leaders.

“The problem for Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leadership in general and the other No parties is that the people of Scotland have heard alltheir fine talk before,” Mr Jenkins said.

“As the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Clegg has to acknowledge that it is the coalition’s policies right now that are causing hardship and heartache for millions of people in Scotland and other parts of the UK.”