Ruth Davidson claims Tories would deliver ‘real devolution’

SCOTTISH Tory leader Ruth Davidson has pledged her party would deliver “real devolution” by putting more power in the hands of the people.

Ms Davidson claimed Scotland had been “left behind” as “innovative” changes were made to public services south of the border.

However she vowed to give Scots more choices in key areas such as the NHS, education and housing.

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The new Conservative leader used a speech in Aberdeen to set out her vision of how more power could be handed out to individuals and communities.

While the debate over the country’s constitutional future dominates politics, Ms Davidson said: “I want to talk about devolution - not devo max or devo plus, or devo mix, or I can’t believe it’s not devo - but real devolution from Holyrood to people and communities across Scotland.”

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She added: “We want to put choice into the hands of Scotland’s people and give them the power to shape their own lives.”