Ruth Davidson calls for NHS patient fee audit

A full audit should be carried out to identify everyone who has wrongly had to pay for care on the NHS, according to the Scottish Conservative leader.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson. Picture: PA

• Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has called for an audit to identify those who have wrongly paid for NHS care

• Ms Davidson calls on Scottish Government to be more proactive after issue arose in nursing home packages

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Ruth Davidson said the Scottish Government must be more proactive to root out anyone affected by the problem which emerged in packages for nursing home support.

She challenged Alex Salmond to take action during an exchange at First Minister’s Questions in the Scottish Parliament.

It follows a commitment by Health Secretary Alex Neil to tackle the situation. Mr Neil invited people to get in touch if they have a grievance.

Ms Davidson said: “The truth is nobody knows how many people have been affected by this.

“And when the health minister and the First Minister ask for those affected to come to them, I say that the Government needs to be a bit more proactive.

“This First Minister has a responsibility to find out how many people in Scotland, caring for critically-ill relatives have been handing over thousands of pounds when they shouldn’t have been.

“We need a full audit of every person in every health board who may be affected, either currently or historically, in order to ensure that proper reparations are paid. Will the First Minister order one?”

Mr Salmond did not respond to the challenge but said guidance exists to help assessments.

“People are assessed within the present system at the moment,” he said.

A Patients’ Rights Act was passed last year with additional avenues for people to ensure they get what they are entitled to.