Ross rallies Labour fans of independence

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DEACON Blue singer Ricky Ross and former MP Dennis Canavan are among the speakers who will address a conference for Scottish Labour supporters of independence in Glasgow tomorrow.

The event, at Glasgow Caledonian University, follows the launch of the Labour for Independence campaign group earlier this year.

Bob Thomson, a former chairman and treasurer of the Scottish Labour party, who will attend the conference, said supporters of devo max and devo plus who wanted to see a second question on more powers for Holyrood on the independence referendum ballot, were among those from unionist parties more likely to vote “Yes” in 2014.

“Devo max supporters are going to have to consider what course of action they take in the referendum,” he said. “A lot of people like me are going to say: What is it that the No campaign is saying there will be in terms of further devolution if people vote against independence, rather than just being wishy-washy about it?

“Unless the ‘No’ campaign comes up with cast-iron proposals a lot of people who have gone for devo max may support independence.”

Thomson also attacked the Scottish Labour party’s stance on devolution. “This idea of a devolution committee for Labour came out after the debate started. Labour has not yet set out its stall,” he said. “The Labour leadership’s position has been reactive to independence since the mid 1970s. It has taken quite cynical steps to stop the surge of the SNP. Rather than taking principled decisions Labour’s moves have been based on electoral considerations.”

Ross, described as a long-time Labour supporter, will “share his journey to independence” in his speech, explaining why he will vote for independence in the 2014 ­referendum.