Robert the Bruce actor and SNP MP slam Cineworld over chain's 'ban' on new film

Angus Macfadyen in The Bruce
Angus Macfadyen in The Bruce
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The star of a new biopic of Robert the Bruce has joined a chorus of online anger against cinema chain Cineworld over their decision not to show the film in any of their venues across Scotland.

Angus Macfadyen, who plays the legendary Scottish king in the new film 'Robert the Bruce', billed in some quarters as a sequel to Mel Gibson epic Braveheart, which also starred Macfadyen as the Bruce.

The cinema chain replied to a query on Twitter about why the film, shot partly in Scotland but mostly in America, wasn't showing in their Aberdeen branch with "Robert The Bruce isn't scheduled to screen in our cinemas we're afraid."

Dozens of Twitter users joined a pile-on against the chain, which is the largest in the UK by market share.

Angus Macfadyen demanded answers from the chain, while one user even tweeted to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon asking that she investigate the decision.

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Macfadyen tweeted: "be interesting to hear why Scots in Scotland cannot see this film about our own local hero Robert the Bruce. We await your reason @cineworld There is nothing to fear but fear itself, as the Bruce once said."

Glasgow North West MP Carl Monaghan tweeted: "I am just hearing that @cineworld cinemas appear to have decided not to show the new Robert the Bruce film. Cineworld, could you please confirm and explain your reasons for this decision?"

Another Twitter user appeared to pay to 'promote' his tweet declaring that the chain was 'dead to me and my family'.

The 'All under one banner' group, which organises marches and rallies for independence, tweeted: "Why are you not showing the Robert the Bruce film? Oh hang on cause you're doing what you're told by the British state with the film being seen as a threat. #AUOB actively encourages cancellation of @cineworld memberships due to your politically biased stance."

Kilmarnock MSP Willie Coffey claimed that the Cineworld decision would 'bring thousands to the cause of independence,' while over 900 people signed a petition demanding that Cineworld reverse their decision.

While some urged a boycott, other Twitter users despaired at the haranguing of a cinema chain for what was almost certainly a commercial decision, with one writing to Carol Monaghan: "Get a grip. It’s a small film with limited commercial appeal. Nothing sinister - other chains will carry the film. Similar to any other week."

The film, which is released today, is showing in some branches of other cinema chains, such as Showcase, Vue, and Odeon.