Referendum round-up: Tony Blair | Clyde shipyards

Get the latest on the referendum on our Scottish independence site. Picture: Jane Barlow
Get the latest on the referendum on our Scottish independence site. Picture: Jane Barlow
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Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has stated that he believes that Scotland will vote against independence in September’s referendum.

Blair also said that he believes the pro-UK Better Together campaign has improved as the debate has continued.

Meanwhile, a group of veterans from the famous Upper Clyde Shipyards work-in of the early seventies have declared their support for Scottish independence.

Seven stalwarts of the anti-Tory government protest, which was led by the late Jimmy Reid, have written an open letter to present-day ship yard workers and related businesses urging them to back a Yes vote.

In other news, Tony Benn, the late Labour MP, was opposed to Scottish independence but passed away before he could make his feelings known publicly, according to his brother David.


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